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1965 | China

Chinese artist, Sanzi is influenced by Taoism and his paintings look for the balance between nature and human beings. His paintings are of divine level and leave strong emotion on each viewer‘s heart. 「Following nature」、「Harmony between human and nature」、」Return to innocence」 are core values of Sanzi’s paintings. Sanzi believes that the best form of everything in heaven and on earth is to keep its most pure and nature shape. Every life is nourished by nature and nature is flourished because of life.

Sanzi creates figures and their positions have intentions in his painting. They imply people should keep respect to the vivid nature world. Figures bring the painting’s structure into perfection. Sanzi’s paintings build a dream world, not only opens for himself, but also for all people.

Sanzi was born in 1965 in Yangzhou, Jiangsu. His paintings are popular among China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, and the United States. Sanzi‘s collectors have always cited that his artworks represent best the sophisticated mindset and lifestyle of 「Contemporary Taoism」 which is conscious about the balance that is acquired from nature, and is expanding into the life and being of the mindful and spiritual world.