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“I have a primitive impulse on the art of ceramics. At the beginning of the creation my experience of the process from mud to ceramics is just like the birth of life. From the clay pottery blending to the symbol capture and the picture description to the surface glazing (like the human skin) it is a process of life. Then into the imperial kiln, refined in fire, we can see the wares like human embryo through the observation window of the kiln, red, transparent, like the image of a baby in type-B ultrasonic. Every piece of work is like the birth of a life when it is out of the kiln. This is a living process – “birth”, “life” on the artistic presentation in a conversion of mud, fire, porcelain, thus the significance of the work becomes vivid and full. …” by Qi Yu.

Qi Yu has born in Xiamen in 1969 and graduated from the Decoration and Design department of the Central Academy of Art and Craft. He is the director of the Visual Design Department of the Fine Arts Institute of the University of Jimei, Director of the Art Museum of the Fragrant Hills and Vice Chairman of the Committee of Ceramic Art of the Association of Artists of Fine Arts in Xiamen. He is currently working and residing in Beijing and Xiamen, focusing on ceramic paintings.