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Narate Kathong is one of Thailand’s most successful and popular contemporary artists His artworks evoke a sense of peace and tranquillity. The predominant art element in his works is through the thousands to millions of spots upon spots, as so-called Pointillism. He employs the unique self-developed splashing technique based on the Pointillism. Using brushes and his fingers to breathe life into the lush greeneries, natural parks and deep forest. The cheerful and vibrant colors of his paintings capture viewer’s attention, thereby rejuvenating and delighting the viewer. His paintings create a unique platform for the viewers to immerse into the majestic composition, as though being transported to a surreal, yet nostalgic ground. “Seasons of Love” has further illustrated his exceptional talent in Pointillism art as well as his imaginative mind. This series of artworks have attracted tremendous attention in the international art scene since their first appearance in a solo exhibition in 2008.
Born in 1975, Narate Kathong has Graduate School Certificate in Printing Arts, Rajamangala University of Techonlogy Pochang Campus, Bangkok. He has won 2nd award- Toshiba Art Award, Chiangmai,1991, 1st Award- Lions International Art Award, Chiangmai, 1993 and was nominated Finalists of the 2010 Creative Works Competition in London,England, 2010.
Narate Kathong 是泰国当代艺术家中最为成功与受欢迎的艺术家。他的作品唤起人们心中和平与祥和的感知。他作品中的主要艺术元素是通过数千至数百万个堆叠的点来构建的,其风格称为点彩画派Pointillism。 他已点彩风格为基础并自行研究油彩飞溅的独特风格,他用刷子和手指为郁郁葱葱的绿叶,自然公园和深林带来生命。 他绘画中令人愉悦和鲜明的色彩吸引了观众的注意力,给予观者焕然一新的感受。 他的绘画创造了一个独特的空间感让观众沉浸在宏伟的构图中,仿佛被运送到了一个超现实但怀旧的地方。 “爱的季节”进一步说明了他在点彩艺术以及他富有想像力的头脑中的超凡天赋。 这些系列作品自2008年首次在个展上首次亮相以来,引起了国际艺术界的极大关注。
Narate Kathong 1975年出生,曼谷拉贾曼加拉大学Techonlogy Pochang校区拥有版画硕士学位。 他曾于1993年获得清迈东芝艺术奖,1991年获得清迈国际狮子会国际艺术奖第一名,并于2010年获得英国伦敦2010年创意作品竞赛提名。