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1975 | Malaysia

The Silat Series, Mat Ali Mat Som gets inspiration of the main subject matter, that is Kuda, Malay word “Horses”, represent as resilience and stability. The term Kuda-Kuda is used in the ancient martial art form of Silat. Mat Ali learned Silat and visualised steps of kuda-kuda into this series in which presents the beauty of Malay martial arts.

Mitochondria is a biological term and implies energy. The artist transforms it to the image of a warrior. A warrior is continually steady, neither defensive nor aggressive; therefore, to continue to be calm and alarm to defend their life, family, properties, as well as desires.

Mat Ali Mat Som, was born in 1975. Graduated from Fine Art, University Institute Technology Mara (UiTM) in 1997. He has won third prize in the KL Sentral Sculpture Contest (1997) and Honorable Mention at the Philip Morris Malaysia Arts Awards, Kuala Lumpur (1999)