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Kium (张蔚琴),1968年出生于马来西亚太平,目前生活于槟城。她在中国北京工作与生活约17 年,曾担任王府井百货的奢侈品牌经理与对外经贸大学客座教授。2007年在艺坛崭露头角,同年被选为中国的代表作品,参与在联合国举办的纽约国际艺术博览会。她的作品也曾在莫斯科、东京与中国各地展出,是一位活跃于当代艺坛的水墨艺术家。

张蔚琴的艺术创作源自于她对中国水墨技法的反思,中国水墨的勾皴擦点染,工笔、泼墨亦或留白等表现方式皆有其既定规则,而水墨作品已有千年历史,经典作品比比皆是,要如何从中寻求突破是她从事创作以来一直在追求的目标。她曾说: “艺术是美与热情”,因此在张蔚琴的作品中看不到中国山水画的布局,反之是她对自然生命状态的生动描述。张蔚琴作品在彩色与墨色,传统与创新之间自在而潇洒地穿梭,一种新水墨观点油然而生。

Kium was born in Taiping, Malaysia in 1968 and is living in Penang. Before that, she had been worked in Beijing for 17 years. She was the manager of luxurious brand at The Palace Hotel shopping arcade, and was also a visiting professor at The University of International Business and Economics. Kium’s paintings caught public attention since 2007. In the same year, Kium’s artworks had been selected to represent China at the International Art Fair in New York which was hosted by United Nations. Also, her artworks exhibited in Moscow, Tokyo and many cities in China. Kium is a very active Chinese painting artist in contemporary art world.

Kium’s art is based on a reflection of Chinese painting techniques and styles. The traditional Chinese painting techniques include sketch, rub, dot-dye, embellishing. Styles include Meticulous (Gonbi) , freehand (Xieyi) or  splash-ink and Zen-like painting. These techniques and styles have been applied in many masterpieces for over thousands of years in the history of Chinese painting. Kium seeks a new interpretation of contemporary Chinese painting which has become her goal in her art career. She believes art is all about “beauty and passion. Therefore, we barely to see traditional arrangement of Chinese painting in her works of art. On the contrary, she depicts her emotion about endless circle of life. Kium’s paintings crosses through ink to colour, tradition to creativity with liberal and passionate mind, a new viewpoint of Chinese painting is formed.


Solo exhibitions
Colors Unbounded, Autumn 2017 Guangxi Academy of Fine Arts
Yong Guilin, Autumn 2017 Best Seasons Gallery, Nanning
Colors Unbounded, Spring 2017 Best Seasons Gallery, Nanning
Spectrum, Summer 2015 Best Seasons Gallery, Beijing
Colors of Color, Autumn 2010 Chinese Museum of Finance, Tianjin

Group Exhibition
Spring 2016 Best Seasons Gallery, Yantai
Winter 2015 Maritime Silk Road Art Park, Quanzhou
Autumn 2015 Main Hall, Federation of Overseas Chinese Women Celebrities, Xiamen
Autumn 2009 United Nations Headquarters in Moscow
Autumn 2008 United Nations Headquarters in Tokyo
Autumn 2007 United Nations Headquarters in New York