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Huang Yulong
Huang is best known for his sculptures of faceless Laughing Buddha in hoodies, displaying an exchange of Eastern tradition and Western contemporary style. Laughing Buddha, as so-called fortune Buddha, in Chinese culture implies fortune, luck and happiness. They are commonly seen in shops, homes, restaurants and temples with same smiles and sitting position. Huang decided to increase more contemporary symbols on Laughing Buddha which is his favourite popular culture: hip-pop. Huang’s faceless Buddha sculpture is transformed into a break-dancer who wears crystal gloves and shiny decoration or poses hip-pop gestures. Sometimes the sculpture looks like a child. It is a symbol to keep reminding Huang himself to be a dream maker in his art.

Born in 1983. Graduated with Bachelor of Fine Art in the Sculpture Department of Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute. Huang Yu Long is a Chinese emerging artist who has participated in several exhibitions in China and overseas; for instance, Gwangju Biennale, Korea in 2013 and has been exhibited around the world including Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Seoul, Hertogenbosch, Paris and New York. He was selected “25 Contemporary Chinese Artists You Need to Know” by Complex, an American magazine for Pop culture. Huang also has cooperated in diverse projects with Hong Kong director Andrew Lau and Wong Jing, as well as sportwear manufacturer Adidas. Huang Yu Long’s art is a creative fusion of classic and pop culture that also presents a way of interpreting contemporary Chinese art.