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Guo Shuling 郭淑玲

1986 | China

Early in my career, my initial work with nature led me to explore the painting ideas of plants. I focused on creating magical images that would create a visual impact for viewers. My desire has been to create fantastical worlds that would inspire people to see nature in a special way. Later on, my dedication to plant forms has expanded to include more elements of nature, such as forest, sky, and water. Often, these forms are not literal, but take on an abstract quality.

I aspire to develop a unique painting language, using color and shape to express how I feel about nature. This exploration of my relationship with nature continues to bring me creativity, and it is this feeling that I want to share with viewers in the form of oil painting.

In addition to my ongoing work and exhibition of oil painting, I have brought my love of nature, color and imagination to watercolor illustrations for children picture books, introduce art and inspire imagination in young people.