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Gao Yi
After studying Chinese calligraphy art for many years, he has been eager for a new form of Chinese calligraphy expression. Now he is regarded as a breakthrough by art criticism and a new stage of Chinese calligraphy art. His works have evolved into a form of eclectic communication between Chinese and international audiences. Through the form of art, Gao Yi has led a world of deep consciousness, which has rich Chinese cultural elements, but at the same time has contemporary and contemporary. Visual perception. Gao Yi born in Shannxi, 1981. He graduated from Nanjing Institute of Calligraphy Arts and as well as a seal cutting professional artist Gao Yi’s masterpieces have been exhibited in many fairs and exhibitions such as Shanghai M50 and Britain Eight-Thousand-Mile art show, winning him many prizes and bringing him more and more appreciations, and has been collected by collectors from Germany, Israel, Singapore, Japan, USA, France and Malaysia.