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Galam Zulkifli

1971 | Indonesia

The Gold series features significant politicians who made huge influences in Indonesia and Malaysia. Images behind the golden glow of a person (leader), there are hidden positive and negative sides. Then from what view do we want to see it?

The painting “Illusion Series #Clone #Asean Heroes for Tun Dr. Mahathir Bin Mohamad and Siti Nurhaliza” This painting presents current hero portraits in different aspects. Galam believes, a true hero never asks, but he always gives. This work offers a context for appreciators to find meaning between illusions, clones and Asean Heroes.

Galam Zulkifli has won awards including The Best Indonesia Art Awards of Philip Morris Award, the Finalists of AN Art Awards in 2003 and the Finalists of the ASEAN Art Awards in 1998.