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Edward Wang 王育桑

Wang Yusang was born in Beijing, China. He loves painting since his childhood. He was graduated from the famous Beijing Institute of Chinese painting; periodically he is taught by many artists, famous painters about the system in-depth study of Chinese painting theory, techniques, and diligent practice.

he features the Chinese Jiangnan classical garden of oil painting creation; by virtue of the Chinese and Western culture and painting art in-depth understanding of Chinese painting and Western painting techniques skilled grasp, he hopes through personal unique experience, sentiment, and perspective to create a touching unique style of artworks, the roots of traditional Chinese art into the world of contemporary art of the artery.

王育桑,号阔石,生于中国北京 。自幼喜爱绘画;早年结业于著名的北京画院中国画高级研修班;期间,受教于诸多艺术大家、著名画家,系统深入学习了中国画理论、技法等,并勤于实践;绘画艺术技法、观念、眼界得以极大提高。