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Cindy Ng 吳少英

1966 | Macau, China

Inspired by Chinese ink paintings. She presents the movement of ink flow in the video, photograph, giclée print or performance art. She adds acrylic paints and even liquid materials such as milk, coffee and soy sauce with Chinese ink. She records different materials flow, combine and collide with each other. Cindy Ng ‘s art not only has the style of splash ink painting but also integrate the technique of performance and photography. She creates a contemporary ink painting with a unique style. Cindy Ng was born in 1966, Macao. In the 90s, she stayed in London and studied Chinese painting collections at the Calligraphy Collection Research Department, British Museum. In 1996, she moved to Taiwan and continued her study of contemporary ink paintings. Her artworks have been exhibited in many international exhibitions around the world. Beijing Today Art Museum, Taipei Art Museum, Macau Oriental Foundation Gallery and Hubei Art Museum, China have Cindy Ng’s artworks as collections.

吴少英受到中国书画的启发,以视频、摄影、数码打印与表演艺术等艺术形式纪录墨汁在水上流动的状态,并加入了丙烯颜料甚至牛奶,咖啡与酱油等液态材料到作品中,任凭这些液态材料流动。吴少英作品既有泼墨山水的风格,又融合表演与摄影技术,打造出具有独特风格的当代水墨作品。吴少英出生于1966年,澳门。 90年代至伦敦为大英博物馆中国书画收藏研究部修读中国藏画,启发日后的创作灵感。 1996年后移居台湾继续研究当代水墨,并以录像、摄影、艺术微喷,亦或是表演艺术等方式纪录水墨的瞬间变化。吴少英参与展览遍及世界各地,公共收藏地点包含北京今日美术馆、台北市立博物馆、澳门东方基金会美术馆、湖北美术馆等艺术馆都收藏了她的作品。