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Cindy Ng
Cindy Ng started with Chinese ink paintings in her early career. Since 2005, she has begun to record the ink movement on water with video. Furthermore, She adds acrylic paints and even liquid materials such as milk, coffee and soy sauce with Chinese ink. Different materials flow, combine and collide to each other naturally and freely. She makes films to record the moment of collision among materials and then put on background music. The flow of ink interprets its movement. Art speaks for art itself. Some images are printed on glass by giclee print. Cindy Ng ‘s art is not only categorised the style of splash ink painting, but also a performance art and photography art. Cindy Ng combines various contemporary art forms with her study of Chinese ink painting. Therefore, Cindy Ng creates a contemporary ink painting with a unique style.

Cindy Ng was born in 1966, Macao. From year 1993 to 1994 she stayed in London to work for the British Museum of Chinese Painting and Calligraphy Collection Research Department. In year 1997, she moved to Taiwan. Her artworks were popular among the galleries and international exhibitions in Europe, America and Asia. Galleries such as Beijing Today Art Museum, Taipei City Museum, Dadao Museum and Oriental Foundation Gallery, all collected her artworks. Currently, Cindy Ng is living and working in Beijing.


吴少英出生于1966年,澳门。 从1993年到1994年,她留在伦敦为大英博物馆中国书画收藏研究部工作。 1997年,她移居台湾。 她的作品深受欧洲,美洲和亚洲的美术馆和国际展览的欢迎。北京今日美术馆,台北市立博物馆,Dadao Museum,澳门东方基金会美术馆等艺术馆都收藏了她的作品。吴少英目前生活与工作于北京。