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Russian by birth, Alena Vavilina grew up in Moscow. School of Academic Art in Moscow gave AV the formal skills and knowledge about art. A key source of inspiration for Vavilina is Vincent Van Gogh, and his quote, “I dream my painting and then I paint my dream…” represents the verbal expression of her work. AV’s focus is primarily nature; with inspirational scenes from sky, clouds, butterflies and flowers. She has always been fascinated by the elements of nature and how this nature is represented in art by other cultures.
Most of her artworks are in the mixed media style. Mainly, AV is working with water color, ink, silver or gold leaf on paper. Such an interesting combination of media gives her an opportunity to create layering texture and unique style in her artwork.

Alena Vavilina成长于俄罗斯莫斯科,毕业于莫斯科美术学院,然而她将荷兰画家文森特・梵高视为自己的启蒙导师,并将梵高的名句“我梦想着绘画,我画着我的梦想”做为自己创作的座右铭。Vavilina的作品主题围绕着原始的自然,并从天空、云、蝴蝶与花寻找灵感。她着迷于自然万物,以及其他文化如何在艺术中呈现自然。

大多数作品采用综合材料,她在纸上添加水彩、墨、银箔与金箔,这样有趣的材料组合让Vavilina 尝试在作品中呈现多层次的纹理与独特风格。