Pongsak Kamjornrasamekji

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Pongsak Kamjornrasamekji

Pongsak Kamjornrasamekit A.K.A Tonic is a Thai male artist born in 1974, who is deeply inspired by the relationship between the motherly love and nature. In his art, Mother Nature is visualized in the more realistic way but as the concept per se is a metaphoric idea, it pushes the boundaries of his subject matter to the limits of a hyper-realistic surrealism.

In order to be able to well execute his visionary ideas, he masterfully uses different techniques and mediums, which give his art a contemporary aspect that are able to discuss ancient symbolism. Therefore, he is known as an artist who is able to recognize the potentials of each medium and use it in the best way to achieve the best result.

The reason being, Pongsak has reached a level of popularity between the art lovers from all over the world, who follow his explorations and view his new series of artworks intently, with an excitement and motivation that reminds us of the Belle Époque era, when the idea of female muse and love was inspiring many artists.

Pongsak’s artworks have been selected and featured in many national and international exhibitions, winning him awards and recognitions, bringing him to a level of fame that has made him become widely collected by many public and private collectors and artlovers from around the world.

Professional Recognition
– Entries selected for exhibition in “13 rd Exhibition of Contemporary Art by Young Artists
– Entries selected for exhibition on the 1st Siarm TV . Art Contest
– Entries selected for exhibition on the 8th Graphic Arts Exhibition
– Entries selected for exhibition on the 3rd Hochi International Triennial Exhibition of Japan.
– Entries selected for exhibition on the See Saw Seen art exhibition 2009
– Entries selected for exhibition on the Variety art exhibition
– Entries selected for exhibition on the Silapa-Sri Art Exhibition
– Bronze medal,Siam TV, Art Contest.


The Relationship Between the Senses

The Mist trail

Portrait 11

Floating in the wind

Remaining Life