Ng Foo Cheong

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Ng Foo Cheong

Ng Foo Cheong’s art acts as a metaphor for the persistent cultural significance of ancient civilizations throughout the ages, and continuing in the contemporary world. Over centuries of both destruction and development, war and political transformations great civilizations spread power throughout the world, leaving a complex and fascinating legacy of not only military and social advances, but cultural evolution. It is through this window – that of art and architecture, music and literature – that Cheong’s art examines the past. In his “Dynasty Series”, he creates intricately abstract works with a truly eastern aesthetic. Contrasting a contemporary, expressionistic use of media with ornamental details and colors that evoke the magnificence of a tremendous empire, Cheong engenders a unique dialogue between the art of past and present cultures. Born in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Cheong received his degree in Fine Arts, and has participated in numerous exhibitions throughout Malaysia. His art has also been displayed in shows in London, Stockholm, Brussels, New York, West Indies, Korea, Japan, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore & Australia.

Artist Statement
“Tunefulness, the Virtues of Life”
Sit at a coffee-shop on any morning, and you would most likely see a cheerful group of youth talking and laughing their hearts out; a fussing child with his parents; already late for work adults rushing to clock-in; some crazy person who tries to dash across the traffic congested street ; honking of cars, school buses, motor bikes, bicycles; suddenly, an old lady screams and yells her lungs out as a snatch thief takes off with her cash-laden handbag. Amid this illustrated view, that tantalizing fragrance of freshly brewed coffee whiffs pass you on this typical morning’s pandemonium. The panorama of life is certainly a tune of all sorts, occasionally melodious.
Often enough, the hums of living would steer us onto an uneven, demanding pathway. Yet, we attempt to remain sturdy on life’s causeway avoiding the pathways furrows, while desiring nothing less than to experience a harmonious and meaningful human journey. Unfortunately, life is often a tenor off pitch. It finds in itself a challenge to be rhythmically steady in an unpredictable, disordered world. Nevertheless, if wisdom is imbued in the passage of one’s life, it stimulates nurturing of virtues, the timbres which can bridge you from those ever so chaotic sounds of the world into a tunefulness of a fulfilling life.


Door Series (I)

Door Series (II)

Door Series (III)

Door Series (IV)

Door Series (V)

Door Series (VII)

Door Series (VIII)

Door Series (IX)