Gao Yi

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Gao Yi

Gao Yi from Shaanxi is an independent Chinese artist, Graduated from Nanjing Institute of Calligraphy Arts and is a seal cutting professional artist as well. Currently settled in Shanghai, he is a member of China National Painting and Calligraphy Institute and Calligraphers Association, Calligraphy Research Institute of Jiangsu Province, as well an executive director of Chinese Calligraphy Association.

Following his expanded years in studying and researching the knowledge of Chinese calligraphy art, he has been yearning for a new form of Chinese calligraphic expression that is now considered by art critiques as a break through, and a distinctive next step that this process was expecting, in order to evolve into an eclectic level of communication that is able to nourish both Chinese and international audiences.

Through his art, Gao Yi, introduces a world of profound ideological concept that is enriched with the elements of Chinese culture, but at the same time is contemporary and coherent with the visual perception of the current time. One could clearly see the clean and decisive brushstrokes of Chinese calligraphy being absorbed into layers of paint, textures and forms that are diligently depicting the essence of a concept that is universal and initiates from within expanding its roots into all details.

Meanwhile, in Chinese calligraphy art, one tends to find different meanings and expressions between the details of every motion of the brush, and it is where the core energy radiates from, giving life to a world of parallel emotions and comprehensions. That is where Gao Yi starts each painting, from the essence of the word and not only the visible form of it.

Gao Yi’s masterpieces have been exhibited in many domestic and international fairs and exhibitions such as Venice Biennale, Shanghai M50 and Britain Eight-Thousand-Mile art show, winning him many prizes and bringing him more and more appreciations, and has been collected by collectors from Germany, Israel, Singapore, Japan, USA, France and Malaysia.


墨趣之三 Ink Interest 3

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大音希声 Dynamic Song

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