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Remaining Life

Floating in the wind

Portrait 11

The Mist trail

The Relationship Between the Senses

超群之鸣 Superior Sound


索韵 Haunting Implication

清傲 Pride


忆 Recall



寻迹 Tracing

大音希声 Dynamic Song

墨趣之四 Ink Interest 4

墨趣之三 Ink Interest 3

Door Series (IX)

Door Series (VIII)

Door Series (VII)

Door Series (V)

Door Series (IV)

Door Series (III)

Door Series (II)

Door Series (I)

好玩吧 Funtime

夫妻系列 V – 妻 Couple Series (V) Wife

夫妻系列 V – 夫 Couple Series (V) Husband

三国系列之少年英雄梦挂帅 Three Kingdom Series – Dream In Command

關羽出戰 General Guan Yu Played Out

黄忠系列之战长沙 Huang Zhong Series – Battle of Changsha

張飛獨守长坂坡 Zhang Fei Series – Battle of Changban

三国系列之少年梦 Three Kingdom Series – Juvenile Dream

少年英雄 Young Hero

大头狗系列 (I) Dog series (I)

后羿射箭 Archery master

三国系列 Three Kingdoms

少年的黄忠 Boyish Huang Zhong

夫妻系列 IV – 妻 Couple Series (IV) Wife

夫妻系列 IV – 夫 Couple Series (IV) Husband

童年紀事系列- 童趣 (II) Precious Moment (II)

童年紀事系列- 童趣 (IV) Precious Moment (IV)

童年紀事系列- 童趣 (III) Precious Moment (III)

童年记事系列–童趣 (I) Precious Moment (I)

美食家 Connoisseur

凯旋归来 Victorious

小超人之勇者归来 Super Hero Returns

盼 Yearn

夫妻系列 III – 妻 Couple Series (III) Wife

夫妻系列 III – 夫 Couple Series (III) Husband

聆听 The Teachings

起玩吧系列 (III) Have Fun Series (III)

起玩吧系列 (II) Have Fun Series (II)

起玩吧系列 (I) Have Fun Series (I)

夫妻系列 I – 妻 Couple Series (I) Wife

夫妻系列 I – 夫 Couple Series (I) Husband

开往幸福的路上 En Route to Happiness

好朋友系列 (I) Best Friend (I)

好朋友系列 Best Friend

好朋友系列 Best Friend Series

大地回春 Spring Comes Round Awakening All Creations

雅石 (II) Elegant (II)

雅石 (I) Elegant (I)

闲 Leisure

無上 INFINITY – A Dialogue With Yves Klein

如已 Ruyi

無 ENDLESS – A Dialogue With Pierre Soulages

大同是界 (II) – YES (II)

大同是界 (I) – YES (I)

云门 Cloud Gate

智眼 Intellectual Eye


Huang Zhong & His Troops《黄忠率軍》

關羽將领 General Guan Yu

凯旋归来 2 Victorious 2

沉醉 Intoxicated

梦河 River of Dream

侯月 Waiting for The Moon

晨霭 Fog of The Morning

烟云流年 Beyond The Sundial

风消焰蜡 The Lantern Festival

牵尘 Into The World of Mortals

记忆 Memory

A Dialogue With Gerhard Richard

We #1


Sanzi Garden and the Red Hawthorn

The Immortal of Golden Daisy

Mutual Integration

Marks Over

Love Nest

Door of Heaven

Persimmon Harvest

Full Aroma

Joy of Lotus

The Eternal Sky

Clouds Coming

Autumn Trail

Autumn Cicada

Sun Shine

Singing Loud

Autumn Breeze

Deep Autumn

Silence of The Wind


Mutual Generation

Some Other Days

The Crane Knows My Heart

Swirling Sound

Into Red Again

Peach-Blossom Spring

Graceful Gathering

Ask The Crane




Back to Its Origin Series I

Back to Its Origin Series II



Great Scenery No. 45

Precious Childhood


Mountain Mist

Above the Lotus Pond

Over the Cloud

Facing the Sun

Walking in Autumn

Early Morning

Late Afternoon

Above the Cloud

Abundance Silver

Under the Great Pine Tree

Snowing Sakura

Lake in the Heaven

Morning Maple

Deep Winter

Snowy Mountain

The Way of Exchange Series 2 – Heavenly Pond

The Way of Exchange Series 1- Heavenly Pond

Great Scenery No. 46

Great Scenery No. 44

Great Scenery No. 43

The Meaning of Way Back Home

Maternal Love Series

Empty City